If I wanted to work you, I’d ask you about Coulson and his team and how                              you managed to gain their  t  r  u  s  t.


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then maybe we can get that drink.


hi, just dropping by to say i really love your aos meta's how you see skye as a character. i ship skyeward, i really do but i hate when people excuse what ward had done and just assume skye will be ~love blinded this mary sue damsel in distress character because she really isn't! just my two cents :D


i really am expecting Skye to pull out some of her old stops with him.  He was playing this team the whole time, and yet it never occurred to him that she was playing him in the first few episodes, getting him to like her. He fell for her, and she fell for him, but she’s been a con just as long as he has.  Don’t bullshit a bullshitter, is all I’m saying.


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Wait, so is ward using sky? He's really bad? :(


I don’t think he’s using her per say. Like it was basically pretty obvious that his feelings for her are genuine. The way the scene came across with him and Garrett was he wanted Garrett to believe his feelings for her were less than what they really are. Like he doesn’t want him to get his hands on her and taint her the way he’s been tainted. I think next week will show that she’s kind of the light to his darkness. 

I don’t think he’s as bad as they want us to think. Like I think that maybe he might have been going into the team but as time went on and he got to know the team and developed feelings for Skye things changed. Take his conversation with Reina for instance he seemed to be over compensating like it just seemed forced. I think he genuinely cares for the whole team but Skye is even more than that. He didn’t expect to care about anyone but now that he does I think he’s questioning his loyalty. Does he choose the man he thinks saved him from hell or the team and the woman who actually did?